Cooling Excellence

TechN  products  are  engineered  and  produced  in  the  heart  of  Berlin. They’re designed around premium  materials,  manufactured  with  uttermost  precision and  finished  with  high end surface treatments. But most importantly – they deliver an outstanding cooling performance!

To achieve the highest quality every detail counts.

The new  water block line by TechN is the result of striving for perfection. Striking but minimalistic, with  sleek lines and defined contours, our products are designed with scrupulous attention to detail. They are built  around  top-notch cooling  to ensure  high  performance and  overclocking  potential. Premium  materials  and high  precision machining ensure you get the most out of your hardware.

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GPU Waterblock – Made in Germany

The high-performance, full cover GPU water block for NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX line from TechN. It comes in a sleek, innovative design with no visible screws on the block itself. Together with our backplate it encases the whole graphics card.

The water block base is CNC machined from highly pure copper and then electroless nickel plated for a superb finish and stain resistance. All critical components of the graphics card are cooled with our innovative, low resistance hydraulic flow design. The top cover is made of extruded aluminum which is milled an anodized – available in a silver and black finish. The fine copper fins over the GPU chip, in combination with our optimized water flow deliver class-leading cooling performance.

The water block comes with a 4-pin 12V RGB LED strip which is compatible with all major motherboard manufacturers.

Reduce Temperature

Reduce Temperature

Adding the capabilities of watercooling to your computer can greatly reduce its temperatures. A cooler PC will give you better performance and get you the most out of your hardware.

Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise

If you’ve ever been annoyed by noisy air cooling, you will appreciate the low noise reduction watercooling will provide. More and bigger fans can run at lower speeds therefore reducing the overall noise.



Keep your options open: With our stand-out product design and modular capabilities, you’ll be able create your own unique system –it may be easier than you think.