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CPU Waterblock Intel LGA 2066 / 2011


The TechN CPU waterblock for Intels LGA 2066 and 2011 is a premium class cooler. Highest precision in production ensures an unmatched performance, a seamless design and a luxurious feel.

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Literally the “star” in our lineup: With its thoughtful geometry and high-quality material selection the TechN CPU cooler for Intel LGA 2066
achieves an unsurpassed cooling capacity. Only the best for your hardware:


  • Sandwich-Design:
    Electroless nickel-plated cold plate and
    anodized aluminium frame enclose Plexiglas®


  • Seamless:
    Minimum gap dimensions
    Recessed springs


  • Mounting: Uncomplicated, safe and easy
  • Performance:
    Best-in-class cooling capacity
    Optimized for Intel HEDT


  • Engineering:
    Optimal contact pressure
    Curvature for CPU-heatmap
    Finest fin geometry


The water block comes with a 4-pin 12V RGB LED strip which is compatible with all major motherboard manufacturers.


  • TN CPU Waterblock Intel LGA 2066
  • Thermal Interface Material: Thermal Compound – Arctic MX-2 0,75g
  • Sealing plugs G1/4’’ BSPP for unused threads
  • Mounting accessories
  • Installation Manual
 Fittings are not included

Water block with G¼“ connector

User manual

User manual

4 springs

4 springs

Thermal paste

Thermal paste

4 mounting screws

4 mounting screws

Allen key

Hex Key


Material: copper (nickel plated), acrylic, aluminium
Dimensions: (LxWxH) : 110mm-4.33” x 74mm-2,91” x 20mm-0,78”
Weight: approx. 340g-11,99oz (without packaging)
Sealing: EPDM 70 (max 120°)
Threads: 4x G1/4’’ (DIN ISO 228-1)
Leak Tested 1.5 bar – 21.75 PSI (water pressure in your system max 0,5 bar)
Compatible to: Sockets Intel LGA 2066/2011


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EAN: 4260491552044 – BLACK – P/N: 00000262
EAN: 4260491552051 – SILVER – P/N: 00000268

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