The TechN CPU waterblocks for AMDs Socket AM4, Intels LGA 1200 / 115X and 2066 / 2011 are premium class coolers that extend the TechN portfolio with a high-quality custom water coolers. Highest precision in production ensures an unmatched performance, a seamless design and a luxurious feel.

With its thoughtful geometry and high-quality material selection the TechN CPU coolers achieves an unsurpassed cooling capacity. Only the best for your hardware.

The TechN CPU waterblocks consists of high-quality Evonik Plexiglas® precisely embedded between a CNC-milled aluminum frame and a copper cold plate.

All plane surfaces were machined with diamond tipped tools. The high-performance copper plate is protected by a uniform, resistant nickel-phosphorus alloy.

Minimalist design meets highest quality craftsmanship.

TechN GPU waterblocks not only excel in cooling performance but also add a design highlight to your pc build. The cooler comes with a full enclosure design wrapping your graphics card in a full metal jacket.

Highest quality surface treatment is part of our DNA to not just create beautifully designed pieces of engineering, but also reliable high performance components in your custom loop.

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